How to use your power tools safely

Last Updated on September 20, 2020

In the present time, the accidental news of workers done by the tools has become a piece of common news. Lots of workers are getting injured by the tools.

The main reason behind these is not having proper knowledge of using power tools. But, the number of these unexpected accidents can be reduced easily by following some tips.

Yes! Today I am going to share some tips with you on how you can use your power tools safely. So, before going to tackle your power tools, give my article a quick check. It is going to be helpful to you.

Following the instructions:

Before going to start using the power tools, you need to read the instruction manual carefully. You will find the instruction manual with each and every power tool. All necessary steps of using including the warnings and safety tips are provided on the manual. You must not forget this step.

Preparing yourself:

Then, prepare yourself in a good manner with a tight dress up. For example, you need to wear a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) if your tool demands so. The instruction manual will tell you everything about it.

Working area:

Never use your power tools in a damp or wet area. You should use the power tools in a dry area where there is enough sunlight. However, You can use tools in a wet place if it is approved for this only. Avoid crowded places to deal with your power tools. Remove all the nearby obstacles.

While dealing with your power tools:

Give your power tools a quick check to identify if everything is fine or not. If anything wrong, then make a recovery first before using it.

Never carry your power tools by its cord or hose. You should not yank the hose or cord in order to disconnect the tools from the receptacle. Always place the cords away from heat, oil and sharp edges.

While plugging in the power tools. make sure that the switch is off. It will avoid unexpected sparking. Be confident. Never get excited much. Over excitement will lead to an accident. Make sure that you are not holding your fingers on the switch button while plugging in.

Never deal with your power tools with a light-duty cord. Use a heavy-duty cord for your power tools. Avoid so many extensions. Don’t tie the cords in a knot. You can loop the cord though if you want so.

While using your power tools, give attention to your foot balance. You should slip-resistant boots for better results. Never try to operate your power tools when you are physically unstable, sick, or under the effect of drugs.

Never pull the cord while unplugging the tools when you are done, always pill the plug for unplugging. Otherwise, It can produce an electric shock.

After using the power tools, give it another inspection. Check everything is fine or not. If you find any problem, then fix it before storing it.

Before storing, clean your power tools properly. Using an air compressor is the most common and widely accepted technique for cleaning any tools.


Finally, store your power tools in a secure place. It will keep everything going well. The place should not be dump or wet. If possible, check your tools in every 15 days.


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