How to properly clean your power tools

Last Updated on September 20, 2020

Are you confused about cleaning your power tools? Looking for a guide about cleaning the power tools? No worries. lots of people get feared about cleaning the power tools. Cleaning the power tools won’t only make your tools durable, it will also ensure your maximum safety while using as the failure of tools gets reduced.

However, today I am going to clear all your confusion about cleaning a power tool through this article. So, stay with me till the end and enjoy the journey.

Cleaning out all the dust:

After the use of your power tools, you need to clean out all the dust from your power tools. Some tools are found with pro-grade dust collecting features though. For cleaning the tools, you can use the air compressor or vacuum cleaner. This way, all the dust existing in your tools will be removed.

Without it, you can spray all the moving parts of your tools. For cleaning the PVC or plastic parts of the body, you can use a damp rag.

Removing all the rust:

After cleaning the dust, your next step should be removing all the existing rust from your tools. For removing the rust, you can use the steel wool or stiff brush. While using the steel wool or stiff brush, you need to be careful so that your cleaning process does not produce any scratches on the body of your tools.

Then, for removing any kind of junk, you can use the degreaser. After removing the junk, you can use the corrosion protector for the betterment. There are lots of lubricants or protectants available in the market. You can see the instruction manual for better understanding.

Give a check to all the moving parts:

Well, before checking all the moving parts, you should unplug the tool first. After unplugging the tools, check all the moving parts whether it is sturdy and connected or not. If you find something wrong, then you must have to recover it first. If you find everything is fine, then search for noises and note wobbles. You may need to use lubricant or grease in this case.

However, after checking all the parts if you need to adjust any parts, then you can use a wrench for adjusting the parts. After that, for the satisfaction, you can plug in the cords and check whether everything is fine or not.

Cleaning the sharp blades:

Most of the power tools contain blades and bits. For getting your job done, you have to ensure that your bits and blades are going fine. On the other hand, a dull blade creates excessive pressure on the motor. So, you need to take care of your blades or sharp parts. Make sure that you are removing all the rust and dust from these parts.

After cleaning the sharp parts, wait until you get the power tools dry before storing it. However, if you find your blade is old and not working effectively, then you must sharpen it or replace it.

Give all the procedure a quick check:

I assume that you are done with cleaning your power tools. But still, for the peace of your mind, it is always recommended to give it a double-check. You should check if there is any rust or dust taking place or not. Whether all the parts of your tools are functioning well.

For reliability, you can power on the tools. Everything is supposed to be fine. However, if you find any problem, then you should try to fix the problem immediately. One last thing, after cleaning the power tools, you must be planning to store it. Before storing the power tools, make sure that the tool is dry. Otherwise, it may get corroded.


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